Salesforce: Custom Appointments Categories (Appointment/Event Type)

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This documentation is provided as is for reference to customers who have used professional services to customize Riva. Follow the instructions with care.

Applies to
  • Riva Cloud.
  • Riva On-Premise 2.4.33 or higher.

To map an Outlook category to an Event field in Salesforce:

  1. Confirm the Salesforce field and pick list.
  2. Document the mapping.
  3. Configure Riva.
  4. Optional: Set category colours.

Step 1: Confirm the Salesforce Field and Pick List

Salesforce field for event "Type" pick list:

Step 2: Document the Mapping

In the following example, Riva will be configured to map an Outlook category to each Salesforce 'Event Type'.

Outlook will sort the list of categories in alphabetical order. Note the prefix (SF:) and the numeric value used to control the sorting order of the category that appears in Outlook. If the values do not need to appear in a specific order, the numeric value can be dropped.

Exchange Category

SF Event Type

SF:1-Call without PM Call Without PM (Scheduled)
SF:2-Call with PM Call - With PM
SF:3-Conference Conference
SF:4-Meeting without PM Meeting - without PM
SF:5-Meeting with PM Meeting - with PM
SF:6-Other Other


Step 3: Configure Riva

Implementation for Riva Cloud

Implementation for Riva On-Premise

Advanced Key Value Comment
Sync.Crm.CustomCategory.Field.Appointment Type This field should be visible to Riva in the Salesforce connection in the Object Definition tab. If the field is not yet visible because it was recently added, select Refresh.
Sync.Crm.CustomCategory.Prefix.Appointment SF:  

(The following values refer to the example provided in step 2.)

1-Call without PM=Call Without PM (Scheduled),2-Call with PM=Call - With PM,3-Conference=Conference,4-Meeting without PM=Meeting - without PM,5-Meeting with PM=Meeting - with PM,6-Other=Other

Comma-delimited list of pairs. Each pair has the following format:

Outlook Category (without prefix) = Salesforce value to save.


Step 4: Optional: Set Category Colours

Implementation for Riva Cloud

To have Riva pre-create categories in the "Master Category List" and to define category colours:

Implementation for Riva On-Premise

Riva 2.4.47 or higher:

For each new category, the name is entered in a field and the colour is selected.

Riva 2.4.33 or higher:

One advanced option is used to create one or multiple categories, and another advanced option specifies each category's colour.

To have Riva pre-create categories in the "Master Category List" and to define category colours:

Advanced Option Value Comment

(The following values refer to the example provided in step 2.)

SF:1-Call without PM,SF:2-Call with PM,SF:3-Conference,SF:4-Meeting without PM,SF:5-Meeting with PM,SF:6-Other

Comma-delimited list of categories that Riva will create in the Master Category List.
Crm.CustomMasterCategoryColor Dark_Orange,Dark_Peach,Dark_Yellow,Dark_Green,Dark_Teal,Dark_Olive The value sets the colours for the categories in the same order as the categories appear in the key above.

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