Detect Closed SAP C4C Opportunities (and Other Closed Items)

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Customize the Detection of Closed Opportunities

By default, Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise automatically detect closed SAP C4C opportunities based on the Won or Lost status found in the LifeCycleStatusCode field. Riva then removes from the email system the AssignTo drop folders associated with the closed opportunities.

Possible configurations for Riva:

  • If a company has customized SAP C4C to use a different set of closed statuses or even store them in a different field, Riva can be configured to match the SAP C4C customizations. For example, if the company distinguishes between a Won status and a Completed status, but both statuses amount to closing the opportunity, Riva can be set up to ensure that the Completed status is also detected.
  • Riva can be prevented from removing the AssignTo folders for closed opportunities by customizing its set of "closure" statuses to values that are never used for opportunities in the CRM.

Implementation for Riva Cloud

Implementation for Riva On-Premise

To customize the closure statuses for an opportunity:

  • Apply the following advanced custom option to the CRM connection:

    Sync.Crm.IsClosedRegex.Opportunity = [regex expression listing the statuses that can be used to close an opportunity]

    Example: To detect Won, Completed, and Lost opportunities, set the custom option as follows:

    Sync.Crm.IsClosedRegex.Opportunity = Won|Completed|Lost

Riva can look for a custom field that stores the closed statuses for an opportunity.

To determine which opportunity field to search against:

Sync.Crm.IsClosedField.Opportunity = [field name]

Detect Completed Tasks, Inactive Contacts, Etc.

Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise can be configured to detect and remove the following from the email system:

  • Inactive organizations, inactive contacts. and/or
  • The AssignTo drop folders are associated with completed tasks, closed cases, etc.

Riva can be configured to know which statuses to look for in which fields.

Set the statuses that identify an item as being "closed", "inactive", "completed", "cancelled", etc.

Two strategies are available:

  • Applying a set of statuses to all modules (Contact, Lead, Organization, Appointment, Email, Task, Opportunity, Case, and/or Ticket) and then overriding that set for any particular module. When any CRM item has one of the statuses you have specified, it is considered closed, and Riva removes the item or its associated AssignTo folder from the email system.
  • Applying individual sets of statuses to only one or a few modules. In this case, Riva removes only closed items or AssignTo folders for the items of those modules for which statuses have been specified, except for closed opportunities, which are processed by default.

Implementation for Riva Cloud:

Implementation for Riva On-Premise:

To specify the "closure" statuses that apply to all modules:

  • Set the following custom option for the CRM connection:

    Sync.Crm.IsClosedRegex = [regex expression listing the statuses indicating closure]

    Example: To remove from the email system a contact, lead, or organization or the AssignTo folder for any other CRM item that has a status of Closed, Completed, Won, Lost, or Cancelled, set the custom option to

    Sync.Crm.IsClosedRegex = Closed|Completed|Won|Lost|Cancelled

To customize the "closure" statuses for only one module:

  • Set the following custom option for the CRM connection:

    Sync.Crm.IsClosedRegex.[module name] = [regex expression listing the statuses indicating closure]

    Example: To detect organizations that have a status of Inactive or Closed and make Riva remove them from the email system, set the custom option as follows

    Sync.Crm.IsClosedRegex.Organization = Inactive|Closed

Set the field to search against

You can set a field that applies to all modules and then set an override field that applies to only a particular module, or you can specify a field individually for one or more individual modules.

Implementation for Riva Cloud:

Implementation for Riva On-Premise:

To determine which field to search against for all modules:

To determine which field to search against for only one module:


See also Remove closed module items and AssignTo drop folders.

Applies to

  • Riva Cloud for SAP C4C.
  • Riva On-Premise 2.4.40 or higher for SAP C4C.

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