Sync Emails as NetSuite Task Activities

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Attachments are no longer saved onto the message record in NetSuite 2014.1. To work around that limitation and preserve attachment support in NetSuite, Riva Cloud, and Riva On-Premise can be configured to sync email by creating NetSuite task activities.


How Does "Email as Task Activities" Work?

If enabled, Riva's Emails as Tasks feature causes an email to be synced as a task activity in the contact's activity history in NetSuite instead of a communication message that appears in the Communication tab.

The task activity created in NetSuite has the following characteristics:

  • The subject is prefixed with "Email:".
  • The body of the task includes
    • the sender (From),
    • the recipients lists (To, Cc, Bcc),
    • the Subject of the original email,
    • the attachments list, and
    • the body of the original email.

Example of a task activity created in NetSuite:

From: Customer Support (
Subject: An example subject

Attachments: Quote.pdf [Size: 80 kb]

A great message here that describes all of the features that are available in the widget that has been quoted.

Other advantages:

In addition to attachment support for NetSuite 2014.1, using a NetSuite task (instead of a message) to track an email has a few advantages:

  • Project support (whereas messages cannot be related to a contact and a project).
  • Multi-contact relationships for the matched recipient contacts (whereas messages allow only a single contact).
  • Report creation (whereas reports cannot be created against messages).

Limitation and workaround:

A NetSuite task has a limitation that is easily circumvented. Whereas a message has a length limit of 50,000 characters, a task has a body length limit of 1,000 characters. If this limit is too restrictive, the entire body of the email can be added as an attachment to the task.

To Sync Email by Creating NetSuite Task Activities

Implementation for Riva Cloud

Implementation for Riva On-Premise

  1. Start the Riva Manager application. On the menu bar, select Setup.

  2. In the right pane, double-click the NetSuite connection to edit it.

  3. Select Options, and select the Sync Email As Task check box.

    Sync-Email-As-Task (2).png

Enhancement Request with NetSuite

An official enhancement request is being tracked by NetSuite. Here is the response from NetSuite:

Thank you for contacting NetSuite Customer Support. At this time, the feature you are requesting is not available within the NetSuite line of application services. We do have an Enhancement Request logged for this feature request and it has been updated with your account information and comments. Our Product Management team periodically reviews these Enhancement Requests and perhaps this will be available in a future release.

Enhancement # - 288417

Summary: WS > Attach > Ability to add/update an attachment to the Message Record

You can now Search ALL enhancements logged with NetSuite. This great new feature allows NetSuite Users to search: Most Popular enhancements sorted by number of votes, Most Recent enhancements sorted by date created (in the last rolling quarter) and the NetSuite Employee Picks which is a special list of enhancements our Product Team thinks are useful and want to get Customer feedback on.

All you have to do is:

  1. Log into the NetSuite Account Center
  2. Click on the Tab for Enhancement Voting
  3. Select the link for Start here to search or one of the other links for Employee picks, Most Popular Enhancements, or Recently Added
  4. Click on VOTE to place your vote or click VIEW COMMENTS: The Vote pop-up lets you tell us how important this enhancement is for your company via a 1-5 star rating and also lets you enter any comments about workflow and how you would like to use this in your business, The View Comments pop-up shows comments by NetSuite and other customers votes and comments (no account names are shared).
  5. Save the record to record your vote.

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