Riva Cloud 2018.3 Release Notes

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The Riva Cloud release notes list the benefits of this release:

Release version: 2018.3
Release date: April 11, 2018




Global Data Center Support

  • Our team is currently working on support for global data centers to better align with our customer requirements and the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation changes. Our team will provide specific information when your subscriptions are ready to be transferred. If you have any additional inquiries, contact us.

Benefits of this Release

Ability to override the Exchange auto-discover URL functionality

  • When creating an Exchange connection, the auto-discover URL functionality sometimes fails and issues this error message: "Error while testing connection before saving. Err: Unable to connect to remote Exchange server. Connection Failed."
  • If that occurs, clear the Auto Discover URL check box and enter the following URL into the Exchange (EWS) URL field:

Improved visibility into Office 365 and Exchange EWS connection groups

The Riva Cloud Connections page clearly indicates when the email connection is an EWS connection group:


For more information, see Connection groups.

Notifications are sent if the subscription limit has been reached

For Dynamics CRM subscriptions and subscriptions that use mail group gathering: If the subscription limit has been reached and users were not added to the sync policy, an email notification is sent to the admin or technical contact.

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