Configure Anti-Virus Software For Riva On-Premise

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Anti-virus (AV) software, especially on server platforms, can interfere with the Riva CRM Agent service and other Riva On-Premise executable files from operating as expected. 

  • In some cases, the AV software prevents the service from functioning properly as a service.
  • In some cases, the AV software prevents the Riva service, the Riva Manager application, and/or the CRM Monitor application from writing to log files, CRM sync summary folders/files, and/or the Riva user transaction folders/files.

Recommended Anti-Virus Software Settings

We do not recommend disabling AV software on the Windows systems hosting Riva as long as the real-time scanning can be configured to avoid any compatibility issues.

The following guidelines can be applied to reduce the effects of antivirus software on the synchronization process:

  • OPTIONALLY EXCLUDE the following files and folders in the \Riva folder structure from real-time scanning.
    Because the files generated by Riva cannot introduce a vulnerability, excluding them from the anti-virus scan would save time:

    • Transaction Databases: \Riva\Transactions\[subfolders]\*.metadata (binary files).
    • Transaction Journaling:
      • \Riva\Transactions\[subfolders]\*.metadata-journal (temporary files).
      • \Riva\Transactions\[subfolders]\*.metadata-wal (temp files).
      • \Riva\Transactions\[subfolders]\*.metadata-shm (temp files).
    • Log Files: \Riva\Logs\*.txt (plain text files).
    • User Activity Log Files: \Riva\CRM Integration Logs\*.txt (plain text files).
  • ALLOW all .exe files in the \Riva folder structure to execute, to create files, and to write to existing files in the entire \Riva folder structure and temporary files in the C:\ Windows \ Temp \ folder structure.

    • The Riva Administration interface's file name is RivaApp.exe
    • The Riva CRM Service Monitor interface's file name is Omni.Riva.CrmMonitor.exe
    • The Riva CRM Agent for Exchange's file name is Omni.Riva.CrmAgentEx.exe
    • The Riva CRM Agent for GroupWise's file name is Omni.Riva.CrmAgent.exe
  • DO NOT MONITOR or DO NOT BLOCK network traffic between the Riva server and the target systems.

Applies to

  • Riva On-Premise server.
  • Riva Identity Integration Server.
  • Riva Policies & Reports.
  • Riva Managed Applications.



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