Create a Multi-Tenant Graph Azure Application For Riva

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Part 1: Create a multi-tenant app in Azure

Step 1: Register the App
Go to Azure > Azure Active Directory > App registrations > New Registration

Step 2: 
Step 2a. Add Name and click on the option - Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant)


Step 2b. Add a Redirect URI 
Add a Redirect URI e.g., myapp://auth
Step 2c. Click Register and app will be created.

Step 3: Setup Client secret
Step 3a. On the left, under Manage - click on Certificates & secrets > Click on New client secret

Step 3b. Add Description and Expires information.
Step 3c. Click Save and copy the Value of Client Secret. [This value won’t be seen after]

Step 4: Setup API permissions
Step 4a. On the left, under Manage – click on API permissions 
Step 4b. Click Add a permission and add following Riva recommended permissions –

Permission Permission Type Description
User.Read.All Application Read all users' full profiles.*
User.Read Delegated Sign in and read user profile. Azure automatically adds it on the App registration.*
Calendar.ReadWrite Application To sync calendar; Can be less like Calendar.Read
Mail.ReadWrite Application To sync mail; Can be less like Mail.Read








Please refer to following screenshot for User.Read.All permission
Picture5 (1).png


Step 5: Grant admin consent
As required, click on Grant admin consent for [username]
And set consent. Consent will be granted.

Part 2: Create connection from Riva App (On-premise)

Step I - On Riva App, click on Connections > Add Email > Microsoft Graph

Step II – Click on Next>
Step III – Fill in all the details, as shown below – For Tenant ID field, add organizations

Step IV: 
Sign in with admin credentials to set consent


Step V: 
Accept to set consent and connection will be created successfully.
Picture11.pngStep VI: Check the consent
Login from customer Azure
The app should show under Enterprise Applications –



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