Advanced custom options to set CRM poll limits per sync cycle

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Any one user with an enormous sync can eat up all the memory and bring the whole server to a crawl.

Apply the Advanced Option

Riva 2.4.33+ includes a custom option that can control the maximum number of items a user can poll per sync cycle. Enabling this custom option improves performance but increases the total amount of time it takes for Riva to sync a large number of items for a user between the CRM and email system.

Apply the Custom Option:  This custom option can be applied to one of the following:

  • edit the CRM Agent Service for Exchange Omni.Riva.CrmAgentEx.exe.config file, or
  • add the custom option to a CRM connection (Salesforce, Oracle, and Sugar), or
  • add the custom option to an Exchange sync policy. 

Add the following custom option key and value:

Sync.Crm.MaxTotalResultsPerSession = ### (integer value of the maximum number of items polled per sync cycle)

for example

Sync.Crm.MaxTotalResultsPerSession = 250 (limits each user to 250 items polled per sync cycle)


  1. The custom option works only for Sugar, Salesforce, and Oracle On Demand CRM systems. The limits are not applied against sync cycles to other CRM systems.
  2. Riva continues syncing the remaining items each sync cycle until the entire backlog of items has been synced. For a user with a total of 750 items to sync, it would take a minimum of 3 sync cycles to complete the data sync for all items.
  3. For Riva 2.4.37 or higher, this option supports Snapshot Polling. The actual snapshot poll cannot be limited, but when the list of modified items has been returned, the number of full objects retrieved and synced can be limited. 

Applies to

  • Riva 2.4.33+
  • Riva 2.4.37+ (Added support to Snapshot Polling)
  • Riva for Salesforce, Oracle, Sugar

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