Auto-Resolve Mailbox Rename

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Riva Cloud — and Riva On-Premise 2021.1 or higher — can be configured to detect email address changes of syncing users and update the sync policy accordingly.

Requirement: The list of syncing users is managed with a CRM Gatherer.

Benefit: When a user's mailbox is renamed, the old mailbox name is removed from the sync policy, and the new one is added without having to do it manually.

The process is intended to take place seamlessly for the end users, but if there is a problem, then the failure is logged and a Splunk alert is raised.

How It Works

  1. When parsing the CrmIDs of the gathered CRM users, Riva detects a syncing user whose email address has changed.
  2. In the sync policy, the old mailbox is replaced with the new mailbox.
  3. A transaction folder is created for the renamed user, and the metadata is automatically moved from the old transaction folder to the new transaction folder.
  4. The old transaction folder is deleted.
  5. In a multi-node configuration, the old mailbox is replaced with the new mailbox on the same node.
  6. If the sync process still attempts to sync the old mailbox, a conflict error occurs, specific log lines are logged, and Splunk alerts are raised.

Enabling the Auto-Resolve of Mailbox Renames

How to do it for Riva Cloud

How to do it for Riva On-Premise

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