Solution For: Some CRM Contacts Don’t Sync to The Email System

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Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise syncing users cannot see the contacts that they expect to see in the email system address book.


One or two administrator-controlled sync filter options are not set to what the end users need.

The filters control which contacts are synced from a CRM to an email system. These settings can cause end users not to see all of the contacts that they expect to see in the email system.


Check both filter options, and change the settings if need be.

These are the filter options to check:

Policy Sync Start Date

The Policy Sync Start Date is the historical date filter that applies to contacts. Only the contacts that have been created or modified after the Sync Start Time are synced to the email system.

Solution for Riva Cloud:

Solution for Riva On-Premise:

Sync Start Date - Riva On-Premise sync policy

To reset this time and re-initialize the end users' contacts, select the check box on the Policy Sync Start Time to Re-Initialize All. This allows you to change the Sync Start Time to an older date in history. Set this back to a date in time before you implemented your CRM, and the time filter will no longer apply. Your contact list will no longer be restricted by the date filter.

"Filter by" options on the Address Book page of the sync policy

The second filter that might be preventing CRM contacts from being synced to the email system is set on the Address Books page of the sync policy.

  • If you select Filter by: All visible, all of the CRM contacts that the end users can view (based on security settings) when doing a full search in the CRM will be synced.
  • If you select Filter by: Must be Owner, only the CRM contacts that the end users are assigned to as the owners in the CRM will be synced.

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