Remove Closed Module Items and AssignTo Drop Folders

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By default, when a user closes a module item (for example, a case, opportunity, quote, order, or project), the Riva sync removes the item from the module folder and removes the corresponding drop folder from the applicable AssignTo folder after 24 hours. It is possible to modify that default behaviour by applying some advanced options.

Note: CRM 'Other' modules are modules that are enabled on a sync policy's Other page.

To remove completed CRM 'Other' module items:

  • Apply the following advanced options to the sync policy:

    In the following advanced options, replace [Module] with the appropriate module name, like Opportunity, Case, Quote, Project, or Order. Each module type requires its own set of advanced options.

    Crm.DeleteClosedItem.[Module] = false (Riva will NOT remove a previously synced item that is closed. Default: true: it will remove it.)

    Crm.SyncClosedItem.[Module] = true (Riva will sync a copy of a new item that is closed. If this option is set to false, Riva does not sync the item. Default: false.)

    Crm.ClosedItemTombstoneDelayInHours.[Module] = # (where # is the number of hours of delay before the deletion occurs. Default: 24 hours.)


  • Crm.ClosedItemTombstoneDelayInHours.Case = 0 (The module item is deleted from Exchange as soon as the close state is detected.)

  • Crm.ClosedItemTombstoneDelayInHours.Case = 12 (The module item is deleted from Exchange 12 hours after the close state is detected.)


  • By default, Crm.DeleteClosedItem.[Module] = true and that value does not need to be specified. If the intention is to disable the automatic removal of closed module items and drop the folder, set the option to false.

  • By default, Crm.ClosedItemTombstoneDelayInHours.[Module] = 24 and that value does not need to be specified. Set the option only if the tombstone delay time needs to be changed.

  • If Crm.DeleteClosedItem.[Module] = false, the Crm.ClosedItemTombstoneDelayInHours.[Module] has no effect if set.

  • If Crm.DeleteClosedItem.[Module] = false, module items will remain, but the normal drop folder filters specified in the policy's AssignTo tab still apply. That means that the drop folder will be removed if it becomes stale due to exceeding the age filter or the maximum allowable drop folder filter.

  • If Crm.DeleteClosedItem.[Module] = false, drop folders will be retained to allow users to continue to sync email items to those module items. Users can manually delete a drop folder from their email client. The only way to re-add a closed drop folder that has been removed is to re-open the closed item.

  • If Crm.DeleteClosedItem = true, the Crm.SyncClosedItem option will be set to false.

Applies to

  • Riva for Office 365 and Exchange. Supported versions.
  • Riva 2.4.21 or higher.
  • Riva 2.4.35 or higher: The Crm.SyncClosedItem advanced option was introduced in Riva 2.4.35.

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