Level-2 Conflicts For Skipped Appointment Sync Explained

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Exchange appointment items are skipped due to a "Level-2 conflict".

2020-02-11 07:34:39,272  INFO [CTP-kuy #2861] [003XXXXXXXXX] [XA] Level-2 conflict detected on CA2608: Exception of type 'Omni.Sync.Level2ConflictException' was thrown..
2020-02-11 07:34:39,272  INFO [CTP-kuy #2861] [003XXXXXXXXX] [XA] Skipped item: Appointment Title  [CA2608]



This is a normal condition. Riva reports "Level-2 conflicts" when the following conditions are met:

  • An appointment is changed in both Exchange and the CRM.
  • The appointment change in Exchange is more recent than in the CRM.
  • Riva tries to synchronize (sync) the less recent change from the CRM appointment to the Exchange appointment.


In that situation, Riva determines that the Exchange item is more recent and skips the update from CRM to Exchange. Riva syncs the update from Exchange to the CRM for that item during the next sync poll.

Possible Related Issue

The following Level-2 conflict message may also appear in the logs:

2020-04-20 13:21:31,577 INFO [CTP-oun #3467] [005XXXXXXXX] [CC] Level-2 conflict detected on XC2534: Unable to match to CRM item. SystemId: 00000000000000000XX, syncId: ..


This error occurs when Riva has previously synced the specific item to the CRM and already has a CRM ID attached to it; however, the CRM ID is not found in the expected field in Exchange when Riva tries to sync the update.

Possible Solution

To allow items with existing CRM IDs to be created in the CRM:

  1. Apply the following advanced option at the user level:

    Sync.Crm.AllowCreatesOnItemsWithCrmIdPluginField = true

  2. Sync, and disable the policy after one sync cycle.

  3. Verify that the items have been created in the CRM.

  4. If they have been created, remove the advanced option from the user level, and resume syncing.

For more information, contact the Riva Success Team.



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