Riva Service Monitor Reports EWS/CRM Connection Has 407 HTTP Proxy Authentication Errors

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  • In the Riva Manager application, when a test connection is performed on an EWS connection, the test passes; but
  • the Riva Service Monitor application reports 407 Http Proxy Authentication errors for EWS connections for the same users that passed the connection test in the Riva Manager application test.

Confirmation of the proxy settings

  • There is an AD domain GPO that pushes the proxy settings to Windows systems.
  • The proxy server uses AD domain authentication. Users must be logged into the AD domain as legitimate users; otherwise, the proxy server will reject all requests.
  • The proxy server is configured to bypass all outbound requests to the EWS server.

Confirmation of the Riva configuration

Examination of the Riva server confirms:

  • There are no .config files in the \Riva\Application\2.4.31.xxxx folder structure. No proxy settings were set for the Riva Manager application or the Riva sync service.
  • The Windows system hosting Riva is authenticated into the AD domain as the Administrator user.
  • The Riva sync service is configured to use the local SYSTEM user.


  • The connection test performed from the Riva Manager application passed because the application used the AD credentials of the Windows system.
  • The Riva sync service connections failed because the service was not configured with AD user credentials.


Follow these steps:

  1. Configure the Riva sync service to log on as an AD user.
  2. Restart the service.

Expected result: The EWS connections pass and no longer report 407 errors.

This article was written from the point of view of an EWS connection issue. This error could have been a CRM connection issue if the EWS server had been on a local network and the CRM service had been commercially hosted. When EWS or CRM connection tests pass in the Riva Manager application but fail through the Riva sync service, check to see if the proxy server requires AD user authentication. If it does, configure the Riva sync service to log on with a legitimate AD user account.

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