Request a Salesforce Security Token

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Applies to both platforms of Riva — Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise.

The security token may be required, depending on how the Salesforce instance is configured.

New Riva Cloud connections to Salesforce use the OAuth token method by default. For Riva Cloud clients who use the traditional trusted network access method or the security token method, we strongly recommend reconfiguring the existing Riva Cloud connection to Salesforce to use the OAuth token method. For detailed instructions, see Create a Salesforce connection: Riva Cloud.


To obtain a Salesforce account token:

  1. Log in to your Salesforce account.

  2. By your user name, select the down arrow, and then select My Settings.

    my settings(2).png

  3. Under My Settings | Personal, select Reset My Security Token. (If Reset My Security Token is not visible...) On the Reset My Security Token page, select Request Security Token.

    Reset security token.png

  4. Confirm the request.

    A confirmation window appears, and you will receive an email with your new security token.

    Check your email.png


If Reset My Security Token is not visible...

Refer to the Salesforce article Missing Reset Security Token option.

If taking action based on that article still does not make Reset Security Token visible, you might like to try this:

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