Default Field Mappings For Oracle CRM On Demand

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Below is the list of field mappings between Exchange and Oracle CRM On Demand.


Field Name Oracle On Demand
Naming Fields
First Name ContactFirstName
Last Name ContactLastName
Middle MiddleName
Notes Description
Title MrMrs See note 1
Company Name AccountName
Office Location AccountLocation
Job Title JobTitle Note 2
Department Department
Manager Manager
AssistantName AssistantName Note 1
Birthday DateofBirth Note 1
Telephone Numbers
Primary Phone WorkPhone Note 3
Business Phone WorkPhone
Home Phone HomePhone
Mobile Phone CellularPhone
Business Fax WorkFax
Assistant's Phone AssistantPhone Note 1
Primary Address Note 4
Business Street PrimaryAddress
  PrimaryStreetAddress2 Note 5
Business City PrimaryCity
Business State/Province PrimaryStateProvince Note 6
Business State/Province PrimaryProvince
Business Zip/Postal Code PrimaryZipCode
Business Country PrimaryCountry
Alternate Address
Home Street AlternateAddress1
  AlternateAddress2 Note 5
  AlternateAddress3 Note 5
Home City AlternateCity
Home State/Province AlternateStateProvince Note 7
Home State/Province AlternateProvince
Home Zip/Postal Code AlternateZipCode
Home Country AlternateCountry
Email Addresses
Email ContactEmail



Note 1. Available for sync policies created in Riva Cloud after July 11, 2012, or in Riva On-Premise or later. To make it available for sync policies created earlier:

Note 2. Changed from ContactRole in Riva Cloud on May 13, 2013, and in Riva On-Premise 2.4.35 r16381. Available for policies created afterwards. To make it available for sync policies created earlier:

Note 3. Read-only from the CRM.

Note 4. Read-only from the CRM. Inherited from the parent account.

Note 5. Unused.

Note 6. Only if PrimaryCountry is set to "USA".

Note 7. Only if AlternateCountry is set to "USA".


Field Name Oracle On Demand Default Maximum Length
Naming Fields  
StartDate StartTime  
EndDate EndTime  
Subject Subject 100 Note 8
Location Location 100
Body Description 1999
Attendees ListOfContact  
Attendees ListOfUser  
Attendees AccountId  


Note 8. Some instances of Oracle On Demand have maximum character lengths for the subject, location, and description fields of appointments. Riva has set default maximum values to ensure that updates and creates succeed. If your CRM supports longer character lengths, Riva can be configured to accommodate them.

To configure Riva Cloud to accommodate longer character lengths, contact the Riva Success Team.

To configure Riva On-Premise to accommodate longer character lengths, apply the following advanced custom options to the Oracle On Demand connection:

  • Sync.OracleOnDemand.MaxSubjectLength.Activity = [number of characters]

  • Sync.OracleOnDemand.MaxLocationLength.Activity = [number of characters]

  • Sync.OracleOnDemand.MaxDescriptionLength.Activity = [number of characters]

WARNING: Do not increase the values by more than what your CRM supports; otherwise, the updates and creates will fail.

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