Configure “Use Impersonation” Support For Sugar Community Edition and SuiteCRM

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If the Riva Cloud Corporate sync logs or Riva On-Premise logs or service monitor report the following error, the SOAP sudo method is unavailable or the currently configured user is not an administrator.

2012-07-09 11:02:49,904  WARN [CTP-mze #0] [1LCAO5HWXA80] [CL: SugarConnection; M:get_CanImpersonate] Unable to impersonate.  Sudo functionality is not available.

2012-07-09 11:02:49,904 ERROR [CTP-mze #0] [1LCAO5HWXA80] Connection type (SugarConnection) cannot impersonate.



Sugar Pro and Enterprise

All versions of Sugar Pro and Enterprise versions natively support “Use Impersonation” by using any "administrator account".

Sugar Community Edition and SuiteCRM

Riva Cloud Corporate uses impersonation for the Riva connection user, and Riva On-Premise is typically configured to use impersonation for the Riva connection user.

Impersonation implies that the user configured in the Riva connection to the CRM server must be an admin user, so that it can “Impersonate” into the target CRM user.

Sugar Community Edition (CE) and SuiteCRM servers do not include support for IMPERSONATION unless changes are made to include SOAPSUDO.


The first part of the solution is the same for Riva Cloud Corporate and Riva On-Premise.

To add impersonation support for Sugar Community Edition and SuiteCRM:

  1. On the CRM host server, locate the base CRM installation folder.

  2. Locate the <CRM-BASE>/soap/ subfolder, which contains various .php files:

    • SoapData.php
    • SoapError.php
    • SoapErrorDefinitions.php
    • etc.
  3. From the .ZIP file attached to this article, copy the SoapSudo.php file to the folder identified in step 2.

  4. Return to the base Sugar installation folder.

  5. With a text editor, edit the soap.php file.

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the file, and locate a line that reads

    • require_once('soap/SoapData.php');

  7. On the next line, add

    • require_once('soap/SoapSudo.php');

  8. Save the file.

    SoapSudo support should now be enabled. The CRM web server does not need to be restarted.

Confirm Impersonation Support

Implementation for Riva Cloud:

Implementation for Riva On-Premise:

To confirm whether impersonation is working for your connection

  1. Start the Riva Manager application. On the menu bar, select Setup. In the right pane, double-click the CRM connection to edit it.

  2. In the window that appears, select the Connection Test tab, provide a valid CRM user email address, and select Run Test >>.

    If SoapSudo is implemented correctly, the sync test passes:


    If the SoapSudo is not implemented correctly, the sync test fails:


Applies to

  • Riva Cloud Corporate Mode.
  • Riva On-Premise Server.
  • Sugar Community Edition.
  • SuiteCRM.

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