Create Sugar 6.5 Connection Error: Riva Could Not Authenticate. Response Is Not Well-Formed XML.

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In Riva On-Premise's CRM Connection Edit window, testing the Riva connection with Sugar 6.5 may return the following error:

Riva could not authenticate. Please verify the authentication information. Response is not well-formed XML.


Examining the Riva log files reveals the following error:

2012-08-20 20:46:36,410 INFO [3316] [(null)] [ConnectionNameConversions, GetConnectionName] Converting admin @ to admin<>[/sugarcrm]
2012-08-20 20:46:36,410 INFO [3316] [(null)] Setting ConnectionName To: admin<>[/sugarcrm]
2012-08-20 20:46:40,326 ERROR [3316] [(null)] [CL: xa9a2e5757c5542ef; M:xaa76c35beb0499c0] Retrying with XmlSanitizingStreamReader+StreamDebugger
System.InvalidOperationException: Response is not well-formed XML. ---> System.Xml.XmlException: Unexpected end of file while parsing Name has occurred. Line 1, position 807.



This error was caused by a content-length mismatch caused by UTF-8 preamble. Chances are that this is caused by an IIS/content type mismatch.


Attached to this article is a ZIP containing a modified "nusoap.php" file that contains a fix for the Sugar server that drops the content-length. Customers can download and examine the nusoap.php file and search the file for the word "OMNI" to see the changes.

To resolve the Sugar connection error:

  1. On the Sugar server, back up the file /<sugar-instance-root>/include/nusoap/nusoap.php, because the file will be replaced.

  2. Download, extract, and save the nusoap.php file to /<sugar-instance-root>/include/nusoap/, and replace the existing nusoap.php file.

  3. In the Riva Manager application, create a Sugar connection.

Applies to

  • Riva On-Premise for Sugar 6.x.

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