Troubleshooting: Monitoring HTTP Communication Via Local HTTP Proxy

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Troubleshooting lower-level HTTP communication issues can be challenging.  Before resorting to lower-level network packet tracing tools, using an in-process HTTP Proxy application simplifies troubleshooting.

Introducing Fiddler - HTTP Proxy Application

Fiddler2 is an HTTP troubleshooting tool that allows capturing the transfer of information over HTTP.  Fiddler provides the ability to intercept HTTPS communication by using a man-in-the-middle strategy by re-signing HTTP communication.  When configured, this allows for the troubleshooting of HTTPS data.

This tool is a preferred support tool used by developers and technicians at Riva when troubleshooting HTTP communication errors or invalid data.

Download Fiddler here.

Getting Started with Fiddler - First Capture

  1. Start Fiddler.
  2. On the Tools menu, select Options.
  3. Set the options for the first capture.

Saving the Capture for Troubleshooting

  • On the File menu, select Save.

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