Riva On-Premise Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy

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Recovering from a crash of the Windows system hosting a Riva On-Premise server requires implementing a disaster recovery strategy that includes a backup schedule and a disaster recovery plan.

Note: The information in this article is intended to assist Riva clients in designing a backup strategy. Riva now provides a passive fail-over disaster recovery configuration that allows clients to implement a reliable and accurate method to recover a Riva On-Premise server to a different Windows host and restore data sync with no adverse effect on the user's data. Disaster Recovery training is available: for information, see Access and request Riva On-Premise training.



Implement a Passive Fail-Over Disaster Recovery Solution

Riva On-Premise now offers the ability to deploy a passive-passive fail-over Riva server to facilitate recovering from a crash of the Windows system hosting a Riva On-Premise primary server. The Riva Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy requires enabling the DR features, implementing a backup schedule for the Primary Riva server, and using the Fail-over Riva server if the Primary Riva server fails.

Note:  The passive fail-over disaster recovery Riva configuration does not work with Riva On-Premise for GroupWise. 


Riva clients are urged to implement a passive fail-over disaster recovery scenario that matches their environment and disaster recovery plan/requirements:

Recommended Backup Schedule

Standard backup utilities can be used to create and schedule the daily backup of the Riva server folder structure. We recommend the following backup strategy:

  • Automatically perform scheduled daily full backup and store offsite.
  • Schedule the backup to occur during the Riva blackout period (normally between 11 pm and 5 am).
  • Set up an automated backup sequence that
    • performs a net stop on all Omni Windows services,
    • backs up the Riva files and folders, and
    • performs a net start on all Omni Windows services.
  • Only the most recent three days of Riva backups need to be retained.

The backups must include these folders and optionally include these folders:

riva-folders-daily-dr-backup (2).png

Riva clients who use Outlook Profile MAPI connections in Riva

Clients who have created Riva Outlook Profile MAPI connections should consider exporting and storing the Outlook Profile that the Riva connection is using.

Document the Omni Riva (CRM Agent for Exchange) settings

Document the settings for "Logon Identity" and for "Recovery Options".

Basic Recovery Strategy

If you have to recover from a non-recoverable crash (loss of) the Windows system hosting Riva, build a new Riva server and restore the Riva folders from the backup. 

Riva clients must contact the Riva Success Team to confirm recovery steps before proceeding.


To effect a recovery:

  1. Build a new Riva server.
  2. Restore the folders from the latest Riva backup. Do not start the Omni CRM Agent service.
  3. Configure the Omni CRM Agent service to set the Logon as credentials and recovery options.
  4. Restore (or create) an Outlook Profile (if restoring a Riva Profile MAPI connection). You will need to edit the Exchange MAPI connection in the Riva Manager, select the Outlook Profile, and save the connection. Then perform a connection test and impersonation test.
  5. Do NOT start the Omni CRM Agent service.
  6. Contact the Riva Success Team. Ask for assistance to test data sync for a single user to confirm that the restoration procedure has been completed properly.

What to Do If No Riva Backups Are Available

BEFORE you experience a non-recoverable crash of the Windows host system for a Riva On-Premise server for Exchange, IBM Notes, or Google's G Suite, we encourage you to implement the passive fail-over disaster recovery options now available.

AFTER experiencing a non-recoverable crash of the Windows host system, if a Riva backup strategy has not been implemented, Riva data sync can be restored. Contact the Riva Success Team to schedule a professional services engagement to rebuild your Riva On-Premise server using a "Line in the Sand" recovery strategy.

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