How to Restore an Accidentally Removed Riva Sync Policy or Connection

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If a Riva sync policy or a connection is accidentally removed or no longer appears in the Riva manager application, it can be recovered through the backup file that Riva creates automatically once a change is made to that policy or connection.

1219-Backupfile (2).png

To restore a sync policy or connection:

  1. Close the Riva Manager application.

  2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the Riva installation folder, for example C:\Program Files\Riva\Configuration.

  3. Select the Type column header to sort the files by file type.

  4. Find the policy or connection BACKUP File that has the same name as the policy or connection that has been accidentally removed.

  5. Right-click the file, select Rename, remove the .backup extension, and accept the new name.

  6. Launch the Riva Manager application to restore the policy or the connection.

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