Error Synchronizing to Exchange: "Full Access Permissions"

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The customer reported adding a new user to a sync policy.  On the initial sync for the new user, the CRM Monitor reported a failed connection.  Examination of the crmex-log file reveals the following error:

2011-11-22 09:23:16,112  INFO [CTP-byj #0] Establishing connection to Exchange []..
2011-11-22 09:23:34,518 ERROR [CTP-byj #0] Minor error occurred during synchronization.
Omni.Scheduling.SchedulePostponeException: Unable to access default folders. Ensure the configured user has Full Access Permissions for this Exchange mailbox.



This error can occur for several different reasons:

  • Riva uses a connection to the target Exchange system using the credentials of a user with a fully enabled Exchange mailbox, that must have the ability to gain full access to the target user's mailbox.  That account must be granted full access permissions to the target user's mailbox, OR
  • The Target user is not published to the Global Access List, OR
  • The target user has not logged into the mailbox using Outlook or OWA at least once, which is required to create the default folders in the Exchange mailbox.


When adding a new target user, please ensure that the target user's Exchange mailbox has been properly prepared:

  1. Ensure that the Riva connection account to Exchange is assigned/delegated full access permissions to the Exchange mailbox of the new target user (see Prepare the Riva connection account for Exchange).
  2. Ensure that the Exchange mailbox for the new target user has been published to the Global Access List.
  3. Ensure that the target user has logged into the Exchange mailbox using Outlook or Outlook Web Access (OWA) at least once.  This will create the required default folder structure that Riva tries to locate when trying to initialize the mailbox.
  4. Test the Riva connection account's ability to connect to the target user's mailbox (see Testing the Exchange Connection Account).

More information

The correct procedure to add new target user(s) to an existing sync policy involves three activities:

  1. Prepare the target email and CRM accounts
  2. Adjust the Riva license to account for the additional user(s)
  3. Add the target user(s) to the sync policy

Once the user has been added to the sync policy, Riva will perform an initial sync to prepare the Exchange mailbox, and then continue with normal sync cycles between the CRM and Exchange.

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