Riva Bookings CRM Experience

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Any meetings booked with Riva Bookings are synced to CRM based on configured business rules. This could mean that all meetings are automatically synced to CRM, select meetings based on keywords, or a user categorizes meetings. 

Riva maintains and establishes relationships in CRM when a Bookings meeting is synced to CRM. This ensures that data quality and pertinent details are available in CRM for anyone to follow up on, which creates the customer 360-view. 

CRM Experience

When a meeting is synced to CRM, all pertinent details are stored on the calendar item. 

  1. Location is added based on recipient selection when booking a meeting. 
  2. Start and End Date times are updated based on the meeting duration selected by the recipient. 
  3. The subject is added based on the Meeting Title and if the recipient name in the subject option is toggled on. 
  4. Attendees are updated based on the existing contact list matching in CRM. 
  5. The description is updated based on the meeting invite. This includes additional custom questions if it was added along with meeting location details. 

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