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Riva's introduction of Meeting Notes is an efficient process of writing meeting notes and sharing them with internal attendees — all within Riva Insight. This limits context switching between different applications and streamlines the workflow by having the notes synced and saved straight to CRM as well.

Minimum Requirements

  • Riva Insight 2021.2
  • Riva Sync 2021.2 or Riva Cloud 2021.2

Capture Meeting Notes

The Meeting Notes feature is convenient for writing meeting notes — in Outlook, open a calendar item and start writing within Riva Insight. The note-taking process streamlines the workflow by having the notes saved as drafts that can be revisited later before being sent off and synced straight to CRM with a single click.

Old Way vs. Riva Way

Meetings are a daily staple for professionals, and lots of information tends to become blurred by the end of the day. Some people view meetings as tedious because they can be unproductive and involve a lot of circling around information that could have been emailed or has already been discussed.

Capturing meeting notes benefits the user and their teams by providing a window into the discussion that has occurred in meetings. It fills conversation gaps if someone forgot the discussion points or missed a meeting.

Old Way Riva Way

Lack of note-taking platform that can be synced easily to CRM.

Meeting notes can be captured in Riva Insight in Outlook.

Meeting notes must be manually entered in CRM.

Meeting notes are synced from Riva Insight to CRM.

No easy way to edit meeting notes once they are logged in CRM.

Editable and can be updated at any time from Outlook via Riva Insight.

Missing and delayed meeting notes in CRM cause gaps in client engagement intelligence and follow-up.

No delays or missing data when meeting notes are properly logged or updated in CRM.


What Capture Meeting Notes does

  • Attendees can write meeting notes using the Track in CRM feature of Riva Insight.
  • All meeting attendees who are Riva Insight users can create or edit their own meeting notes in Riva Insight without leaving Outlook.
  • Notes are drafted or auto-saved until they are submitted.
    • The notes can be saved on demand, and contents are displayed when the meeting is reopened.
    • The auto-save time interval can be configured.
  • The draft state of capturing notes is visually indicated:
    • Draft Saving and Draft Saved.
    • Tracking and Tracked.
    • The date and time the note was last saved or tracked can be displayed.
    • Note visibility disclaimer.
  • A note draft can be discarded:
    • If a note has not been tracked yet, it returns to the default empty state.
    • If the note has already been tracked, then the note is reverted to the last tracked values.
  • Notes are synced to CRM for both the Event and to Account or Opportunity
    • Meeting notes synced to Salesforce are titled [Date (yyyy-mm-dd)]|[Meeting Title] - Author: CRM Username

Share Meeting Notes

Sharing meeting notes with internal meeting participants is a simplified process for the user's workflow — in Outlook, open a calendar item's meeting notes, and share them in one or two clicks. No need to go through the extra steps of creating an email, looking up all the participants, and attaching the notes. Riva's Meeting Notes provides users with the convenience to share notes right after capturing their meeting notes.

Old Way vs. Riva Way

Professionals attend multiple meetings in a day and often capture meeting notes but forget to distribute them. Sharing meeting notes streamlines the post-meeting process and provides timely updates and expectations for the involved internal parties.

Old Way Riva Way

Meeting notes need to be manually copied from CRM and emailed to the team.

Meeting notes are prepared and shared with a button click to all internal attendees and manager.

Recipients of meeting notes are manually identified.

The notetaker can automatically share notes with the set recipients and meeting attendees.

Notetakers must remember to manually complete and distribute meeting notes to the right people.

The notetaker receives an automated reminder to complete and share meeting notes if the default time has passed.

No easy way to copy or add the members or redistribute notes to the team(s).

Notes can be updated and shared again at any time.

No way to confirm which meeting notes have been distributed without going through CRM data.

Quick visual indicators show which meeting notes have been shared.

What Share Meeting Notes does

  • Attendees who wrote meeting notes can share their notes with
    • Internal invitees, even those who did not attend the meeting;
    • Account team members, including the account manager and account owner;
  • Riva Insight users
    • can share their notes independently at any suitable time;
    • can receive notification emails and see labels in Track in CRM that indicate that their notes were received and at what time;
    • are prevented from accidentally re-sharing meeting notes that have not changed since the last time they were shared.
  • The notetaker's manager
    • Even if not invited, can be configured to receive the meeting notes;
    • Can be configured to receive a notification if a participant's notes have not been shared by a certain time.
  • Reminders to share notes can be configured. A user will receive one reminder per day to share the notes with the team.

Email Reminder to Share Meeting Notes

Users may be overwhelmed with a packed calendar of back-to-back meetings and forget to share their meeting notes right away — especially if they like to groom the contents before sharing them with their team. The email reminders feature is made to be easily configurable and to nudge notetakers to share the meeting notes at the end of the day.

Old Way vs. Riva Way

Sharing meeting notes streamlines the post-meeting process and provides timely updates and expectations for the involved internal parties. This is reliant on users remembering to send the meetings notes. The introduction of email reminders will send notifications for users that have yet not sent their notes.

Old Way Riva Way

No accountability for the notetaker.

The notetaker receives reminders to publish the notes.

Lack of configurable and automated options when sending reminders specifically for meeting notes.

Reminders can be configured based on the frequency and the time frame when notifications can be sent.

The notetaker's manager wasn't necessarily aware of what was being sent.

The notetaker's manager can be notified that notes have yet to be shared.


What email reminder to share Meeting Notes does

  • Reminds the notetaker to send out notes at the end of the day.
  • The organizer's manager can be configured to receive a notification if a participant's notes have not been shared by a certain time.
  • Reminders to share notes can be configured. A user will receive one reminder per day to share the notes with the team.

Viewing Meeting Notes in Salesforce

An attendee's access to other CRM users' notes is limited due to Salesforce's master-child relationship rule. In other words, the standard Salesforce event does not display the Meeting Notes of all the CRM user attendees. (See Salesforce's article Child Events created for attendees do not reference the parent Event.)

Fortunately, CRM users can easily access meeting notes from the associated account or opportunity record.


  • Meeting Notes are available only for calendar items. The notes are available with the Event, Account, or Opportunity.
  • The character limit of the meeting notes is 1,683,000 characters.
  • The size limit for notes in Salesforce is 50 MB of data.
  • Limitation when viewing Meeting Notes in Salesforce.

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