Protect The Sensitivity of a Meeting: Overview

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This is an overview of Riva's Configurable Security Layer when used to protect sensitive or restricted Riva Meetings. It also protects their corresponding standard Salesforce events.
A Riva Meeting is an instance of the proprietary Riva Meetings object in Salesforce.
Riva Meetings is a feature of Meetings with Riva.
For end users: Set the privacy level of a meeting in Outlook.
For admins: Configure Riva's Configurable Security Layer in Riva and Salesforce.


When your company's Riva admin has enabled and configured Riva Meetings (an object in Salesforce), a meeting is synced from Exchange to Salesforce as both a standard Salesforce event and a proprietary Riva Meeting in Salesforce.

When the admin has enabled and configured Riva's Configurable Security Layer and an end user sets a meeting in Outlook to be shared, sensitive, or restricted, Riva's Configurable Security Layer uses the sensitivity level in Exchange and the permissions in Salesforce to determine who can view what in the standard Salesforce event and the Riva Meeting.

Minimum Requirements

Old Way vs. Riva Way

Old Way Riva Way

Users have access to each other's calendars and data with no way to safeguard the information in CRM.

Data can now be limited based on the privacy level options in CRM set by the user.

Requires multiple custom policies to privatize the meeting information.

Extensive company policy that overrides CRM basic sharing rules and provides iron-clad security.

Limited flexibility when syncing data securely from Outlook to CRM.

Flexibility to adjust privacy levels of data individually in Outlook and syncing it to CRM.


The Three Privacy Levels in Riva's Configurable Security Layer

The privacy or sensitivity level controls the type of information that is viewable in both the standard Salesforce event and the Riva Meeting. The table indicates which information is displayed for each privacy level for each meeting type. Below the table, there are screen shots of what CRM users who have access can see in Salesforce.

Privacy Level Meeting Types Displayed Information
Shared Riva Meeting and Standard Salesforce event Both display all of the meeting's information. Screenshots.
Sensitive Riva Meeting Displays all of the meeting's information. Screenshot.
Standard Salesforce event The event is privatized and has no link to the Riva Meeting. Screenshot.
Restricted Riva Meeting and Standard Salesforce event Both are privatizedScreenshots.


An organizer or an attendee can change the privacy level.

  • If a meeting is first synced as shared and then is updated to be sensitive, the next sync removes the contact relationships and related objects from the standard Salesforce event. The CRM user relationships are maintained. All that information is available in the Riva Meeting.
  • If the meeting is updated from being shared to being restricted, the contact relationships and related objects are removed from both the standard Salesforce event and the Riva Meeting. The CRM user relationships are maintained in both the standard Salesforce event and the Riva Meeting.

What a shared Riva Meeting and a shared standard Salesforce event look like

Shared Riva Meeting:


Shared standard Salesforce event:


What a sensitive Riva Meeting and a sensitive standard Salesforce event look like

Sensitive Riva Meeting:


Sensitive standard Salesforce event:


What a restricted Riva Meeting and a restricted standard Salesforce event look like

Restricted Riva Meeting:


Restricted standard Salesforce event:


Access to the Standard Salesforce Event and the Riva Meeting

Regardless of the privacy level,

  • access to a standard Salesforce event is controlled by Salesforce permissions.
  • access to a Riva Meeting is limited to that meeting's organizer and attendees if they (the organizer and attendees)
    • are CRM users; and
    • have been assigned to the Salesforce profile used for the Riva Managed Package.

    Note: If other CRM users try to access a Riva Meeting, an insufficient privilege error occurs.

Further access limitation:

After a meeting has been synced to CRM, if the organizer or an attendee changes the privacy level in Outlook from Shared to Sensitive or Restricted, then after the meeting is synced again, only the one who made the change has access to the event object in CRM. The limitation is removed if the privacy level is reset to Shared.


  • Synchronization note for your company's Riva admin: If a meeting's privacy is set to Sensitive or Restricted and you have set the attendee mode to Hybrid, the attendee list is added to or updated in the Riva Meeting and standard Salesforce event in Pure mode. That is, an internal attendee is synced as an attendee from Exchange to the list of attendees in the standard Salesforce event and the Riva Meeting only when that user is synced. The other internal attendees are synced only when it is their turn to sync.

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