Participant Management in Meetings With Riva: Overview

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Participant Management is a Meetings with Riva feature that is used to manage participants, both matched and unmatched, from the Riva Meeting in Salesforce. This will allow for improved partner communications, while ensuring the right people are 'in the room', resulting in shorter sales cycles.

Minimum Requirements

What It Does

If the Participant Management component has been enabled in your Riva Meetings Managed Package, when you select an appointment in Outlook or an upcoming or recent event in Riva Insight, the Insight panel displays the Riva Meeting along with the list of participants and their statuses as found in the CRM. Participants are automatically added from the invitee list, and unmatched participants can be added from within the Riva Meeting in Salesforce.

Old Way vs. Riva Way

Managing a professional calendar is a continually difficult task; with the number of meetings and appointments that populate it, it becomes even more crucial that when a meeting is set to happen, the right people have been invited and are planning on attending.

Old Way Riva Way
  • No way to know or keep track of uninvited participants to a meeting. It would sure be awesome to identify who that important contributor was who walked in uninvited.​
  • Forced to navigate between two applications to obtain relevant account information​.
  • Unable to track meeting roles of participants between meetings.
  • Unable to track attendance of participants.​
  • Able to document any uninvited participants that then become viewable from CRM and Insight for all account and related team members​.
  • All meeting, account, contact, etc. information is contained and accessible through Insight with all the relationships viewable.
  • Able to track roles and attendance of participants all from within a single location.

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