Meetings With Riva: Setup

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Meetings with Riva includes several features to improve meeting outcomes. The table has links to configuration articles and shows which Riva technologies are required to support each feature.

Feature / Activity
(Links go to the configuration articles.)
Minimum Requirements
Riva Sync Riva Insight Riva Managed Package 1
Meeting Prep. 3.0.63 2020.4 1.13
Meeting Notes. 2020.2 n/a.3
Attendee Confirmation. 3.0.62 n/a n/a
Attendee List. 3.0.61 2020.3 n/a
Riva Meetings.4 3.0.61 2020.3 1.13
Riva's Configurable Security Layer. 3.0.61 n/a 1.13.5
Next Steps. 3.0.61 2020.3 1.13
Participant Management. 3.0.61 2020.4 1.13
Preparing and sending a meeting follow-up. 3.0.61 2020.4 n/a.6



  1. Using the Riva Managed Package requires preparations in Salesforce and some configuration in Riva.

  2. Riva Sync .61 is required for the reminders to share Meeting Notes. To capture and share Meeting Notes, version .59 is sufficient.

  3. The Salesforce master-child relationship rule prevents the display of user attendee Meeting Notes on the standard Salesforce event. If you want to override that limitation and see the user attendee Meeting Notes in one central location — a Riva Meeting — the Riva Managed Package is required.

  4. What is the difference between "Meetings with Riva" and "Riva Meetings"?

  5. To use Riva's Configurable Security Layer in conjunction with Meetings with Riva, the Riva Managed Package is required.

  6. If you have Next Steps to follow up on, the Riva Managed Package is required.

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