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The workflow for Meeting Notes is very flexible. Here are two examples:

  1. You capture Meeting Notes during the meeting, polish them up right after, and right away share them and track them to CRM at the click of one button. By default, your shared Notes are sent to the internal attendees of the meeting, your manager, and the account team. — If someone asks for clarifications, no problem! Edit the Meeting Notes again, and at the click of a button, share them and track them again.
  2. During the meeting, you write Notes just for yourself. You save what you have and intend finishing them later. (If you forget to save them, Riva saves them for you automatically. The interval between saves is configurable.) Later on, you see that someone else has written Notes and shared them, and you find them more complete than your own. You delete yours.

Any CRM user meeting participant can write, edit, track, and share Meeting Notes (or delete them). This is done on an individual basis. No one can edit, delete, track, or share someone else's Meeting Notes.

Note: Whenever you create or edit Meeting Notes, you can share them immediately or postpone the sharing. By default, they remain unshared.

To capture Meeting Notes

  1. In Riva Insight, select an appointment, meeting, or calendar item.

    Note: If you select an email for display in Riva Insight, the Meeting Notes section is not available.

  2. In the appointment, meeting, or calendar item's Meeting Notes section, write your Notes in rich text.

    To format your Notes, you can use the formatting icons across the top of the Meeting Notes section...


    ... or use the CTRL keyboard shortcuts:

    • CTRL+B – Bold.
    • CTRL+I – Italic.
    • CTRL+U – Underline.
    • CTRL+A – Select All.
    • CTRL+\ – Remove font style.
    • CTRL+SHIFT+S – Strikethrough.
    • CTRL+SHIFT+NUM7 – Unordered list.
    • CTRL+SHIFT+NUM8 – Ordered list.
    • CTRL+[ – Outdent.
    • CTRL+] – Indent.

    To increase the size of the Meeting Notes area, drag and stretch the 3-dash line.


    Note that the Share internally check box is cleared (= not selected) by default:


  3. Do one of the following:

    • To share and track the Meeting Notes right away, select the Share internally check box and click Track.

      – or –

    • To postpone sharing the Meeting Notes (to save them for future edits) but track them now, make sure the Share internally check box is cleared and click Track.

Time stamp indicators:

The last date and time a Meeting Note was tracked or shared is displayed when you navigate back to the meeting in Riva Insight.

  • Time stamp for a shared Note:

    Meeting-Notes--Last-date-and-time-the-Notes-were-shared (1).png

  • Time stamp for a tracked Note (whether you have shared it or not):


Note: After tracking Meeting Notes, whether you have shared them or not, you can still edit them.

To edit Meeting Notes

  1. In Riva Insight, select the appointment, meeting, or calendar item you want to edit the Meeting Notes of.

  2. In the appointment, meeting, or calendar item's Meeting Notes section, edit the notes in rich text.

    Note: Editing a meeting note and then tracking it and sharing it works the same way as when you captured it. See To format your Meeting Notes etc.

To delete Meeting Notes

  1. In Riva Insight, navigate to the tracked meeting and click Edit Tracked Appointment.

  2. In the Meeting Notes field, erase the entire contents, and click Track.

    Result: As soon as the meeting has been tracked, the meeting note is deleted from the CRM.

    Note: If you work in the CRM to delete a meeting note, the deletion is not synced to Riva Insight.


Dealing with a reminder to share your Meeting Notes

If you haven't shared your Meeting Notes yet, Riva will send you one reminder per day to share them with the team.

Unshared-Meetingc-Notes-Reminhder (1).png

To view Meeting Notes in the CRM

  1. In the CRM, navigate to the standard Salesforce event whose Meeting Notes you want to see.

  2. Click the Related tab associated with the meeting.

  3. Click the meeting title that is displayed to view the meeting notes in full.

    Note: The title of the tracked Meeting Notes is "[Date] / [Meeting Title] / [Notes Owner] / Riva".

Troubleshooting: The Meeting Notes are not sent to your manager


When you share your Meeting Notes, they are not sent to your manager. They are sent to someone else, perhaps a previous manager.

Likely cause:

Windows AD has not been updated with the correct information about your manager.


Ask your Office 365 or Exchange administrator to verify if Windows AD needs to be updated with the correct information.

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