Sync Private Meetings With Riva's Security Layer and/or Classification Prompt

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Synchronizing (syncing) private meetings from Office 365 or Exchange to Salesforce goes far beyond the basics when you use Riva's Configurable Security Layer and Classification Prompt.

  • If a meeting's private, what's there to sync?
  • And if we sync something about it, what's the best way to do it?

The Basics As a Starting Point

Some people use Riva to make sure their personal, private, and confidential meetings don't sync at all to the CRM. The problem with that approach is that their schedules are incomplete in the CRM and they can get meeting invitations from the CRM that conflict with their private meetings.

A better basic strategy is to sync personal, private, and confidential meetings to the CRM as private or privatized meetings, so people know only that you're busy at that time, but they don't know why — which is exactly the point of private meetings.

Riva Offers Far More for the Outlook-to-Salesforce Sync of Private Meetings

Empty placeholders for them and the complete details for you

Wouldn't it be nice if you and the other CRM users you're having a Sensitive meeting with could see in CRM everything that's related to your private meeting, but no other CRM users (or external people) could see it?

We've got you covered. We can sync private meetings in two versions:

  • one standard private Salesforce event for the CRM users that have no business knowing what your meeting is about.
  • one advanced Riva Meeting that resides in Salesforce, but only you and the CRM users you're having a Sensitive meeting with can see it in CRM -- with the complete details.

And if your meeting is so private that even the advanced Riva Meeting shouldn't contain any information about the meeting and should be only an empty placeholder, we can do it. Just make sure that meeting has its privacy level set to Restricted, and the Riva Meeting will be just a placeholder, same as the standard Salesforce event.

The most stringent guidelines and statutes and industry regulations couldn't ask for more privacy than that.

The reminder and the enforcer

What if the organizer (one of your CRM users) forgets to set the sensitivity level in Outlook and clicks Send?

This is where Riva's Classification Prompt comes to the rescue. The Prompt can be set up in one of two ways:

  • A gentle reminder to select a privacy level, but the organizer can still decide to select no privacy level and click Send Anyway.

    -- or --
  • The Prompt can be set up to be an ironclad enforcer that won't let the organizer get away with it. The invitation is sent only when a privacy level is selected.

And if your company's meetings are always Sensitive or Restricted, you can set the Prompt to force the organizer to choose one of those two privacy levels before the invitation can be sent.

Default privacy level

If you don't want to use the Prompt, you can at least configure a default privacy level. The safest would be Restricted. If the organizer forgets to set the privacy level, it's set to Restricted by default, and the sync creates two empty placeholders: a standard private Salesforce event and a blank Riva Meeting. Sooner or later, the organizer or one of the CRM user attendees might notice the meeting's privacy level was set to Restricted when it didn't need to. Whoever that is can change the privacy level to Shared or Sensitive. Next sync cycle, the meeting update will be synced to CRM.

More capabilities for syncing private meetings

Riva can do even more things with private meetings. We admit they might be only small refinements compared with what you've read so far, but one or more of them might be just right for you.

For more information

The following table shows which Riva technology or technologies do the job you want to get done. It also provides links to get more information like detailed overviews, configuration articles for your company's Riva admins, and how-to articles for the organizers and attendees. And somewhere in those articles, you'll be sure to find heavy-duty compliant syncing and small refinements.

To do this from to use this Links
Prevent syncing private meetings any supported email system any supported CRM, Riva Sync. How to prevent Riva from syncing private meetings. // Link goes to a hidden article in progress, KB 2150, that needs to be reviewed. Redmine #54085.
Sync private meetings as private or privatized meetings any supported email system any supported CRM, Riva Sync. The Riva basics on syncing private meetings: overview and how to do it (and some refinements). // Link goes to a hidden working copy, KB 1523, that needs to be reviewed. Redmine tickets #36305 and #37674.
Sync private meetings in two versions: private standard Salesforce event and Riva Meeting Outlook Salesforce Riva Sync,
Riva's Configurable Security Layer,
Riva Meetings
Riva's Configurable Security Layer overview.
Riva Meetings Overview. // Ready to publish: RD-916.
Riva's Configurable Security Layer setup — Includes configuring the default privacy level used in Outlook.
How to override the default privacy level in Outlook.
Remind or require a CRM user organizer to set a privacy level. Outlook Salesforce Riva Sync,
Riva Insight,
Classification Prompt
Classification Prompt: Overview — By the way, you'll see that in two scenarios, a CRM user attendee can be the one to set a privacy level in the Prompt.
Classification Prompt setup — Includes, among other things, defining if the Prompt is a reminder or an enforcer; and configuring one, two, or three privacy levels to choose from.

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