FAQ: Riva Copilot and Your Privacy

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Please contact your Riva account manager to learn more and try out Riva Copilot today! 


Please note that any Riva Copilot AI features are disabled by default. Your company administrator must turn them on for your users to access them.

1. How does Riva work with AI?  

Some Riva features use a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate useful and accurate content. Here’s a basic explanation of these different technologies: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad branch of computer science that concerns building machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. 

  • Generative AI models (GenAI) are algorithms that use machine learning techniques to produce new content, such as text or images, based on patterns learned from existing data. 

  • Large language models (LLMs) are algorithms which utilize large datasets to summarize, recognize, predict, and translate content. 

  • Machine Learning (ML) aims to teach a machine how to perform a specific task and provide accurate results by identifying patterns.  

Some of our AI features utilize software from third-party partners that requires sending data through outside LLMs and generative AI models to generate responses.  

2. Which AI model vendors does Riva use? 

We only use vendors whose privacy policies and commitment to our customers' rights and safety align with ours.  

At this time, Riva utilizes two different AI providers:  

  1. Amazon Bedrock: For the Riva Copilot “Contact Data Quality” feature.
    1. Amazon Bedrock is an enterprise-grade, fully managed service by Amazon Web Services that provides high-performing foundation models (FMs) from leading AI. It offers a broad set of capabilities to build generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI considerations.
  2. Open AI: For the Riva Copilot “Email Template Generation” feature. 
    1. Open AI is an artificial intelligence research organization that develops cutting-edge language models and advanced AI technologies. OpenAI won’t train its language models using Riva customer data or the questions Riva customers ask.  Read OpenAI’s full privacy policy. 


3. What information is shared with third-party partners? 

Riva Copilot “Contact Data Quality”: The email contacts and email content processed through Riva Copilot are never sent to third parties. The data never leaves the Riva Cloud-controlled network.  All of the compute processing for the language model is dedicated to Riva customers and isolated for all external factors.

Riva Copilot “Email Template Generation”: Your email template content, and prompt actions are sent to OpenAI using the OpenAI API when a user chooses to interact with Riva Copilot to help improve email template content.

When using a third-party technology partner, their software will perform tasks with your information on your behalf, using the predefined prompt engineering parameters. Your data is never used to train their internal models. 

4. When is my content processed by AI technology? 

Riva Copilot only initiatives AI actions when the user requests the feature to take action.  

These actions can include,

  • Process an email message for contact information. 

  • Create an engaging email template. 

5.How is my data protected with Riva Copilot AI? 

We acknowledge the responsibility of securing data privacy when utilizing AI tools. To that end, we established AI principles to guide our actions. 

Read our full commitment to customers when using AI. 

6. How do I turn on Riva Copilot for Contact Data Quality for my organization? 


7. How do I turn on Riva Copilot for Email Template Generation for my organization?  



8. Riva Copilot AI Principles 

Our commitment to customers when using AI, 

At Riva, we believe that AI can revolutionize productivity and streamline workflows. Recent advancements in AI and machine learning, including innovations like ChatGPT and other large language models, enable us to advance our mission of creating a more enlightened way to work.  By harnessing AI and ML, we are developing next-generation products designed to help our customers maintain focus, enhance productivity, and better organize their work lives.

We are acutely aware of the significant responsibility of deploying new technologies on behalf of our customers. We acknowledge our customers' trust in Riva for their most critical revenue-generating seller workflows.

"Leading with integrity" is a core principle at Riva, and we view this moment as an opportunity to reaffirm our dedication to this value. Our AI principles reflect this commitment and will guide our teams in responsibly developing AI products and features in the years ahead.

We will:

Bring passion: Utilize AI to enhance user experiences without compromising their privacy or security. Our passion for innovation drives us to implement AI in ways that prioritize customer trust and satisfaction.

Build the future: Embrace AI to pioneer forward-thinking solutions while upholding ethical standards. By harnessing the power of AI responsibly, we shape a future that is both innovative and principled, ensuring it positively impacts society and prioritizes inclusivity, non-discrimination, and fairness.

Be part of the solution: Harness AI's potential to effectively address customer needs and challenges. Our commitment to using AI as a solution-oriented tool, combined with clear explanations of our AI functionalities, helps customers understand these technologies' benefits and inner workings.

Lead with integrity: We implement AI features steadfastly and are committed to honesty and integrity. We lead by example, ensuring AI technologies are deployed ethically and aligned with our customer's and society's best interests.

Deliver customer delight: Employ AI to personalize experiences that exceed customer expectations. Our dedication to customer delight drives us to leverage AI to enhance end-user satisfaction.

Improve daily: Continuously refine AI-powered features to serve our customers better while upholding these principles. Our commitment to improvement ensures that AI technologies evolve responsibly, always benefiting our customers.

Have fun!: Infuse AI-powered features with creativity and excitement. We believe in leveraging AI to create engaging and enjoyable experiences for our customers, prioritizing their interests and enjoyment.

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