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"Opens & Clicks" is part of our Sales Engagement package designed to help you track email engagements in your daily communications sent from Outlook. This feature notifies you about email opens and link clicks, enabling you to understand how your clients interact with your emails. By utilizing this data, you can respond more promptly and effectively, improving your overall email engagement strategy.


Enabling Opens & Clicks

Opens & clicks needs to be enabled for emails engagement to be tracked. 

  1. While composing an email in Outlook, ensure that you enable the opens and clicks tracking under the "Actions" tab in Riva Insight. 
  2. This can also be accessed in email read view. Access the "Opens & Clicks" button under the "Actions" tab. Ensure that "Enable Opens & Clicks tracking" is enabled. 

Viewing Opens & Clicks Data

To view the opens and clicks data, 

  1. To view the opens and clicks data, start by navigating to the "Actions" tab in Riva Insight while on email read view.
  2. Click on the "View Opens and Clicks" button.
    1. Current email section gives you information about the current email you are on. Usually, data will only populate for the emails in the sent folder (as those are the emails that you tracked opens and clicks with). For example, you might see an email titled "Welcome to Bank of Mars" with two opens and two clicks, indicating it was sent to one person.
  3. Recent Activities section gives you a timeline of the most recent engagements your clients had with the emails you tracked.
    1. Clicking into any of the items allows you to have a more detailed view such as exactly which links were clicked, what the location of the email recipient was and more.


Syncing email engagement data to Salesforce

To ensure that email engagement information such as first opened date, last opened data, if the email was bounced is synced over to Salesforce to ensure full customer 360 within Salesforce, ensure "Track Outlook email engagement to Salesforce" is enabled.



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