Riva Admin Center: Installation Guide

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This article outlines the requirements to install and get started with Riva Admin Center


  1. Install the following 
    1. .NET 8.0 Runtime Windows x64 Installer
  2. Upgrade to Riva Sync 2023.1 (add link to DL)
  3. Set up Azure Active Directory for Riva Admin Center 

Installation Guide

  1. Download Riva Admin Center Package to your machine and extract the files
  2. Open Command Prompt as Administrator and navigate to the Riva Admin Center Folder
    1. Install the service using the command Avio.Services.exe --install
    2. Other commands available
      1. --install - Installs the service
      2. --reinstall - Removes existing service and installs the updated service
      3. --uninstall - Removes the service
      4. --help - provides a list of available commands
  3. Navigate to Window Services and start the Riva Admin Center service
  4. Open your choice of browser and navigate to 'http://localhost:7200' URL as specified in the Redirect URI specified in the AAD

First-time configuration set-up guide

The Riva Admin Center starts and presents the welcome page. Click on Next to start the initial set-up. 

  1. Tenant ID and Client ID can be copied from Azure Active Directory set-up.
  2. Domain is your organization's domain. It's your email address after '@'
  3. Login Endpoint - https://login.microsoftonline.com/
  4. Click on Verify and you will be prompted to log in to Microsoft to authenticate. 
  5. Next, you would have the Cluster Settings which would allow accessing all profiles available on the pod. Details for this page would be provided by the Riva Success Team.  
  6. Once successfully configured, all functionality available with Riva Admin Center is available to use.

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