Manage Multiple Riva Cloud Accounts on One Page

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If your organization has multiple Riva Cloud accounts for multiple environments or business units and you wish you didn’t have to log on and off the various accounts to manage the users — this article is for you.



The Riva Success Team can set up one of your accounts as a parent account. In the parent account's User Manager, you will be able to add all your Riva Cloud accounts and you will be able to manage them from the users' page.

Requirement: Your Riva Cloud subscriptions must use enterprise impersonation.

Sub-accounts and users

  • From the point of view of the parent account, all the other accounts are sub-accounts.
  • In the User Manager of the parent account, you can manage sub-accounts that represent the various environments or business units of your organization.
  • On the Manage Sub-Accounts page, you can create new sub-accounts.
  • Every row that displays a sub-account has a green marker at the end to identify the sub-account and distinguish it from a user.
  • In any sub-account, you can add users.
  • You can also choose to leave some users outside sub-accounts and view them without drilling down into a sub-account.

Search, view, and impersonate

After adding sub-accounts and users, you can view or search for any sub-account.

To see or search for users in a sub-account, impersonate the sub-account. To manage a user, impersonate the user.

Operational notes

  • In this first implementation of editing sub-accounts in the User Manager, if you want to move an existing Riva Cloud account to a parent account, contact the Riva Success Team.
  • When adding a sub-account, you also activate a trial for the account and its users. As soon as the account is created, you automatically impersonate the account, so that you can configure it.
  • The sub-accounts admin user can be a syncing user.

How to…

To enable sub-account creation:

To add a sub-account:

  1. In the side navigation bar, select the dropdown arrow beside Manage Account. and select Manage Sub-Accounts.

  2. On the Register for a Riva Cloud Account page that appears, register the sub-account admin.

    Result: When the registration is complete, the Get Started page appears. For instructions on registering and getting started, see Registration page

To access sub-accounts:



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