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Riva On-Premise licenses include access to free technical support and software upgrades. This article defines what is included in free technical support and what is included in billable professional services.

Free Technical Support, Software Upgrades, and Maintenance are Included with Riva On-Premise

Access to Support Staff: At http://www.rivacrmintegration.com/support/on-premise/, you can submit a support request or look up the Riva Success Team hours and phone numbers. You can also send an email to support@rivacrmintegration.com.

Technical Support: This includes access to our Knowledge Base website (https://support.rivasync.com/hc/en-us), email support, and live support with our technicians (during regular Success Team hours) to deal with cases to resolve bug fixes or resolve problems with Riva On-Premise not working as designed.

How to Request Support: The Riva On-Premise administration application contains a "Request Support" link in the main menu bar. For more information, see Request Support for Riva On-Premise.

Software Upgrade and Maintenance: This includes access to patches and minor and major upgrades as Riva On-Premise is updated to support new versions of CRM and email systems.

Professional Services

The following billable professional services are available:

Priority Support: Technical support for critical issues that occur outside Riva's standard support hours. For more information, see Priority Support.

Installation, Configuration, and Training: You can purchase a Get Started Bundle professional on-boarding service. Within three hours (in total) of discovery, installation, configuration, licensing, testing, and introductory admin training, we will have you up and running with Riva On-Premise. Additional installation, configuration, consulting, and training are available at standard professional service rates.

Consulting and Training: These are available to assist you with a Riva On-Premise installation; configuration; best practices reviews; training; advanced scalability; or planning for fail-over, fault tolerance, or disaster recovery strategies. See How to access and request training.

Customization and Custom Development: The Riva Development team is available for custom development work and customizations to support extended field mappings, filtering, custom objects, and other advanced integration options.

Advanced Services: Services that require access to architect-level resources to carry out advanced planning and implementation with Customer or third-party business analysts; reviews with Customer or third-party security teams, audit teams, Microsoft Exchange teams, Salesforce, or other CRM teams; including the advanced design and implementation of advanced filtering and customizations for custom CRM or Microsoft Exchange objects and custom CRM or Microsoft Exchange fields; advanced fail-over and/or disaster recovery strategies and advanced object testing.



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