WebView2 For Riva: Overview, Benefits, and Installation Notes

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What is WebView2

WebView2 is a browser control that allows web technologies to be embedded in apps. This will allow web add-on content to be compatible for future use like Riva Insight. This will prevent any dependency on the lack of support for Internet Explorer 11 and other browser versions.

Currently, the WebView2 support is limited to OAuth connection setup for Riva On-Premise. When WebView2 is installed for the Riva On-Premise server, certain OAuth connections that will rely on WebView2 are

  • Microsoft 365.
  • Salesforce.
  • Dynamics.
  • Microsoft Graph.

Benefits of WebView2

The introduction of WebView2 remedies the termination of support for Internet Explorer, for example for Corporate enterprise security reasons.

Other advantages of using WebView2:

  • Improving Riva feature releases: WebView2's better technology will make Riva more efficient at releasing features to you.
  • Enhancing integrations: Better integrations with other applications like Salesforce.

Installing and Setting Up WebView2

This procedure is for one device for testing purposes.

  1. Download the runtime from Microsoft, at https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/.
  2. Select the Evergreen Bootstrapper option.
  3. Install, and go through the Windows installation steps to set up WebView2.

Verifying that WebView2 has been installed

Here are two ways to verify that WebView2 has been installed:

  • If it is installed, WebView2 is the default. It will be auto-detected and loaded. If it fails to load, the old default behaviour loads Chromium or an Internet Explorer version.

  • When creating a connection or refreshing a token, to confirm that WebView2 is working, open the Logs file (that is, log (YYYY-MM-DD)), and check that the log lines show the proper version.
    2021-03-11 15:41:37,244 INFO [ 1] [(null)] [GetOAuthAuthentication] Browser engine: [WebView2]
    2021-03-11 15:41:37,277 INFO [ 1] [(null)] [WebView2InitializeAsync] Detected WebView2 version: [89.0.774.50]
    2021-03-11 15:41:38,488 INFO [ 1] [(null)] [CoreWebView2InitializationCompleted] Success: [True]

Note: You can override the browser engine by inputting the key WebBrowser.Engine in the AppSettings of the Riva App UI. The values that can be used for the key are IE (not recommended), Chromium, or WebView2.

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