Create an App Registration For Microsoft Dynamics in Riva On-Premise

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To create an app registration for Microsoft Dynamics in Azure for a Riva connection:

  1. In the Microsoft Azure Portal for your organization, navigate to More Services.

  2. In the All Services search field, search for App Registrations, and select App Registrations.

  3. On the App Registrations page that appears, select + New Registration.

  4. On the Register Application page that appears, set the following:

    • Name: Enter a name that is unique among all the other application registrations in your organization's Azure portal.

    • Supported account types: Use the default option, Accounts in this organizational directory only (Single tenant).

    • Redirect URI / Reply URL (required for connections to Riva):

      • In the drop-down list, select Web.

      • In the text box, enter a Redirect URI that is unique among all the other application registrations in your organization's Azure portal.

        Recommended: The Redirect URI should start with "https://", without the quotation marks, but "http://" is also supported.

  5. On the following page, collect the Application (client) ID and the Directory (tenant) ID. Save these details securely.

  6. On the registered app's page, select API Permissions, and then choose + Add a Permission.

  7. On the Microsoft APIs tab, select Dynamics CRM. Under Permissions, check the box next to user_impersonation, and select Add permissions. Select Grant admin consent for Default Directory.

  8. On the registered app's page, select Certificates and Secrets. Select New Client Secret. Enter a name for the app in the Description field (for example, RivaDynamics), set the expiration to 12 months, and select Add.

  9. Under Client Secrets, copy the Value, and save it securely. At the bottom of the page, select Register.

    Result: An app registration and its Application ID are created.

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