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In Riva 2.4.46 or higher, sending the required files and logs of a Riva On-Premise instance to the Riva Success Team is no longer a manual process. Now, a few clicks suffice. The Riva Manager application then gathers all the required files into a password-protected .zip file for you to send to Riva Success.

Security Warning: Separately. The password and .zip file must be communicated separately.


To create a .zip file package for tech support:

  1. In the Riva Manager application, on the menu bar, select Support, and then choose Create Support Package.


  2. In the Generate Technical Support Package window that appears, select the categories of files to include in the support package:

To include the following: Do this:

One or more sync policies with the related

  • custom settings,
  • directives,
  • app.config files,
  • licenses, and
  • connection files. — Note: The support package does not include any connection credentials or sensitive data.
  • Under Select Policies, select the relevant policy or policies.


The relevant log files.

Note: This is recommended to help with troubleshooting.

  1. Ensure that near the bottom left corner, under Log Files, the check box Include Log Files is selected.

    Note: By default, all the log files produced in the last 14 days are included in the support package.

  2. Ensure that the number of days is sufficient to capture all the errors under investigation.

Additional files, if requested by the Riva Success Team.

For example, Riva Success might ask for

  • the CRM integration logs for specific users or
  • directory listing of the Transactions folder.

Warning: Do not send the contents of the entire Transactions folder: they are generally far too large to zip and send. If we need the contents of a subfolder, we will ask for it.

  1. Under Additional Files, select Add.

  2. In the Open window that appears, navigate to the file that you want to add to the package, select it, and then select Open.

    Result: The file you have selected appears in the Additional Files box.


  1. Near the lower right corner, under the automatically generated password, select Copy Password, and paste the password in a secure location.


    Warning: After the Generate Technical Support Package window is closed, the Riva Manager application has no access to the password. If the password is lost, the package cannot be opened and a new package must be generated.


  2. Select Export.

  3. In the Save As window that appears, navigate to the location where you want to save the export package, optionally change the File name, and select Save.

    Expected Result: The support package is generated and saved with the specified name at the specified location.

  4. If an Export Fail window appears, follow the instructions in it.

  5. If the export is successful, send the .zip file to the Riva Success Team and separately communicate the password.

    Response: A team member will acknowledge receiving the package and password and will use the package to troubleshoot the issue.

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