Revalidate an Exchange OAuth Connection in Riva On-Premise

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Applies to Riva On-Premise with OAuth connections to Exchange.


All users fail to sync with the following error:

2022-10-19 16:21:07Z : [3KCGL6S9IGCNF] Establishing connection to Exchange []..
2022-10-19 16:21:07Z : [3KCGL6S9IGCNF] Refresh oauth access token failed.


The OAuth token for the Exchange connection has expired.


To re-validate the token for an OAuth connection to Exchange:

  1. Open the Riva Manager application, and select (double-click)  the Exchange connection.
  2. On the Connection Details tab, under Authentication Details, select the Validate OAuth Tokens button.
  3. If successful, a pop-up window appears indicating that the OAuth token has been revalidated.

    OAuth Exchange token revalidation button.png

  4. Save the connection.

    If the revalidation fails, double-check the Authentication Details on the Connection Details tab.

If revalidation continues to fail, contact the Riva Success Team.

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