Optimize Backups of Riva Transactions Metadata Files

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(Riva On-Premise or higher.)

Riva can be configured to produce an incremental backup of the transaction metadata files at a frequency that meets the recovery point objective (RPO).

Note: The Riva backup process backs up the files whose A attribute is set to On.
Best practice: Refrain from manually changing that attribute for any file used by Riva.


Configure the Riva Transactions Metadata Files Backup

To activate transactions metadata file backups and configure their frequency:

  • Configure the following advanced options for the sync policy:

    Sync.Crm.TransactionBackup.Enabled = true (Backs up the transactions metadata files periodically. Default: false.)

    Sync.Crm.TransactionBackupRpoInMinutes = m

    where m is the backup frequency, which should be set to the recovery point objective expressed in minutes. (Default value: 60.)


  • The backup takes place near the end of a scheduled sync cycle. Because the execution time of the beginning portion of sync cycles generally fluctuates slightly, the backup start time and the interval between backups also generally vary slightly.
  • A transaction backup cannot take place during a sync on demand. (A sync on demand is requested in the Riva CRM Monitor, on the Remote Services tab. In the left pane, view the resolved entities, and then start the sync for one or more entities.)

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