Advanced Settings for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Other ActiveSync Mobile Devices

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Depending on the options available on a mobile device, a number of advanced sync options can or should be implemented when using Riva primarily with mobile users. Which option(s) you might want to implement depends on which mobile devices you have and which versions of Active Sync, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or other mobile sync technologies you use in your environment. The following four advanced options address specific behaviours you may want Riva to apply when using mobile devices:

Display Emails on Mobile Devices for SmartConvert Opportunities, Cases, Projects, Quotes, and Other Folders

By default, mobile devices do not synchronize emails to non-default folders. In order to display the email summaries of Opportunities, Cases, Quotes, and Projects in non-default folders and allow users to take advantage of the Riva ConnectBar advanced functionality, follow the steps in Add non-default folder synchronization to mobile devices.

Add Mobile Device Support to Mark Contacts as Private to Prevent Syncing Them

Riva 2.4.38 or higher:

Riva 2.4.37 or earlier:

  • Riva has an advanced option that can be used to "mark" a contact that is created on a mobile device as "Private", even if the mobile device does not have native support for the "Private" flag.
  • To mark a new contact as private and thus prevent it from being synced to the CRM:
  • Note on private contacts in BES.

Note for BES: When a version of BES software has the option to mark a contact "Private", Riva respects the BES "Private" flag and does not sync or update any contact marked as private on the BlackBerry.

Return Emails That Are Tracked back to the Inbox After Processing

By default, after an email has been moved or copied to a Drop folder and Riva processes it in the CRM, Riva deletes the email from that folder. If you want to keep the original, you copy it to the Drop folder, and only the copy in the Drop folder is deleted. However, when using a mobile device that does not support the option to copy an email from the Inbox to the Drop folder, your only option is to move the email to the Drop folder in order to track it in the CRM contact, opportunity, case or quote — and then you lose the only copy you had. To address that problem, Riva has an advanced option that causes the following behaviour: after Drop folder emails are processed, the emails are returned to the Inbox rather than being deleted from the Drop folders.

When returning a processed email from the SmartConvert or AssignTo drop folder to the Inbox, Riva's default action consists of tagging the email with a "Processing complete!" category to indicate that the email has been tracked in the CRM. By using an advanced option, the name of that category can be modified. For example, the category name could be changed to "Tracked in CRM by Riva".

Prevent Mobile Device from Removing a Riva Category and Causing Appointments to "Disappear"

When users use an iPad, iPhone, or other Active Sync device to modify an existing calendar entry for which a category has been assigned by Riva or by the end user, Active Sync sometimes removes the category after the sync cycle is complete. Removing the category causes the appointment to be deleted from the CRM, which, after the next sync cycle, causes the appointment to be deleted from the Exchange calendar.

Applies to

  • Riva for Exchange for all CRMs.

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