Custom Option to Flag New Riva Quick Summary Emails as Read After Syncing Them

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When Riva creates a quick summary email in a module folder (for example, CategoryName\Cases), the item is, by default, flagged as unread and displayed as a bolded item in most clients.  Those items also appear in filtered views for new items. 

In Riva 2.4.35+, such quick summary emails can be displayed as read by default.

Advanced Custom Option

A Riva 2.4.35+ custom option setting flags all new items synced into Riva module folders (for example, the Cases folder) as read so that they are not displayed as bolded items in email clients.

This custom option is applied to an Exchange connection policy.

To flag new items synced into a Riva module folder as read:

  • Set the following custom option for the Exchange connection policy:

    Sync.Ex.MarkAsUnread.[ModuleName] = false

    [ModuleName] can be "Case", "Opportunity", "Quote", or "Project", depending on which modules are supported by the target CRM system.


    Sync.Ex.MarkAsUnread.Case = false (Because of this setting, when Riva syncs new items into the Case module, it marks them as read, so that they are not bolded in the email client.)

To flag new items synced into a Riva module folder as unread:

Applies to

  • Riva r2.4.35.16518 or higher
  • Riva for Exchange

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