Riva Does Not Synchronize Contacts From Public Folders

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I have a folder of contacts in our all public folders that I would like to sync with our CRM.


Currently, Riva does not synchronize contacts from Public Folders. Usually, companies use Public Folders to store shared contacts and provide a unified view of them. However, because you now have a CRM, the need for "sharing" of contacts via a Public Folder is redundant to the function of the CRM.

In addition, Public Folders cannot be synchronized to mobile devices and are not available to all Exchange clients, which limits their usability. 

Instead of using Public Folders, now that you have the CRM, you can push those contacts directly to your users using Riva replacing the need to dual manage your Public Folders.

Riva can be configured to push CRM-specific data to non-CRM users, so even users with no CRM accounts can still have up-to-date customer data. If needed, you can even lock down the contacts to make them read-only, so users can't update those contacts.

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  • Riva for Exchange

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