Distinguish Riva-Synced CRM Leads From CRM Contacts in Outlook

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Outlook does not have a built-in way to differentiate between contacts and leads, but the Riva sync provides a workaround.

Items synced by Riva to Exchange are categorized by default like this in Outlook:

  • Contacts: "[the CRM's name]".
  • Leads: "[the CRM's name] Lead".


  • The default category ("[the CRM's name]") can be modified only before the Riva sync policy is saved the first time.
  • The "Lead" subcategory (or suffix) can be modified at any time.
To distinguish between contacts and leads in Outlook, view the Address Book by categories.


To view the Address Book by categories in Outlook:

  1. In Outlook, select the Contacts page or the Contacts page used by Riva.

  2. On the View ribbon, select Change View and choose List.

  3. On the View ribbon, select Categories.

    The list view sorts the contacts and leads respectively by the [CRM's name] and [CRM's name] Lead categories (or whatever names were used to overwrite those defaults).

    Note: Some items may be sorted by other categories or appear under multiple categories.

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