Creating The Domino 'Connector Service User'

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The following steps describe how to add the connector service user to an existing Domino environment. This service user will be used to authenticate and synchronize data on behalf of the configured users.


To add the connector service user to an existing Domino environment:

  1. Start the IBM Domino Administrator.

  2. On the People & Groups tab, select People, and then choose Register.

  3. Fill out the Register Person -- New Entry form with the following information:

    • Basic > First name: Riva
    • Basic > Last name: Service User
    • Basic > Short name: svc_rivasync
    • Basic > Password: <<enter the password>>.
    • Basic > Password Options: Select Set Internet password.
    • Basic > Mail system: Lotus Notes
    • ID Info: Select Create a Notes ID for this person.
    • ID Info: Select In file, and record the path for documentation
  4. Add the user to the list of registered persons by selecting the green checkmark button.

  5. Select Register.

  6. Ensure that the Connector Service User has Reader access control to the names.nsf

  7. Update/refresh the names.nsf index.

  8. Replicate the names.nsf between the Notes mail servers and the Riva Sync Connector server.

    rep [target_server_name] names.nsf



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