Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption Supported by Riva

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Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise are fully compatible with the Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption offering. In addition to Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption, Riva also supports dedicated encryption appliances and applications like CipherCloud and SkyHigh.

Riva can support most data encryption solutions that use real-time encryption end-point strategies. Other examples of HTTP gateways supported include IBM DataPower and Oracle Service Bus (OSB).

Support for Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption was made available for all customers with the October 2015 release of Riva.

What Changes Are Required to Support Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption?

As long as the latest version of Riva is used, support for Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption is fully integrated. For most customers, nothing needs to be changed: support is automatic.

How Does Riva Support Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption?

For most queries against Salesforce that are performed by Riva, non-encrypted fields are used — fields like "Last Modified" and "Date Created".

A few specific fields that are used by Riva may be encrypted, like "Contact Email", "Account Name", or "Account Website". If that is the case, Riva detects that these fields are encrypted and recommends adjusting the query syntax used by Riva.

By default, Riva uses Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to read content from Salesforce. SOQL does not allow query filtering expressions against encrypted fields. A new query syntax is available that does allow queries against encrypted fields: Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL).

By enabling SOSL queries instead of the default SOQL queries, Riva goes beyond the simple synchronization of encrypted fields. Riva can also filter on encrypted fields.

Need More Information or Would Like to Configure Riva with Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption?

There is no extra charge to get help to configure Riva with Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption. To learn more or to schedule your configuration session, contact the Riva Success Team.

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