Test Target User Authentication Through The Hosted Riva SSO Provider Service

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WARNING: The Riva for Salesforce Single Sign-On connection strategy described in this article is not supported for new Riva On-Premise installations.

New Riva On-Premise installations include a new strategy to provide impersonation access into Salesforce: the Standard Impersonation Model. For instructions on implementing the Standard Impersonation Model, see Prepare Salesforce for Riva and Create and test a Salesforce connection.

For current Riva On-Premise installations that use Salesforce Single Sign-On, administrators are encouraged to upgrade their Riva for Salesforce connection setup to the Standard Impersonation Model. For assistance, contact the Riva Success Team.

The procedures in the following article have been deprecated. The information is being retained for clients who have not yet converted to the new Standard Impersonation Model.


The hosted Riva SSO Provider service provides a means to test target user authentication.  This procedure is designed to test target user authentication against Exchange Web Services using the Salesforce username and Exchange password.  The following will be discussed:


Before using this procedure ensure that the following requirements have been met:

Test Target User Authentication

  1. Open a browser and go to the hosted Riva SSO Provider service target user authentication test page.

  2. Provide the generated SSO URL previously created.

  3. Provide the Salesforce username of the target user.

  4. Provide the Exchange password for the target user.

  5. Click the Test button. A successful or unsuccessful authentication test result will be displayed (highlighted).

Possible Test Scenarios

If this is the first test after the activated SSO URL has been generated, it is recommended to test a target user that has different Exchange and Salesforce passwords.  The following test results should occur:

  • PASS - if the Salesforce and Exchange username matching condition is met and the correct Exchange password is tested.
  • FAIL - if the Salesforce and Exchange username matching condition is met and the correct Salesforce password is tested.
  • FAIL - if the Salesforce and Exchange username matching condition is not met and the correct Exchange password is tested.

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