Riva Flow Actions: Salesforce Sync of Events and Contacts

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Applies to Riva 2.4.52 or higher for Salesforce.

Salesforce Lightning automatically sends real-time calendar event and contact change notifications to the Riva connection account. No configuration is required.

Riva can be configured to use the notifications to increase the performance of the sync from Salesforce to the email system.

Possible latency: If the Salesforce notification is received during a Riva sync cycle after the sync process has checked for notifications, the notification is processed during the next sync cycle. The minimum interval that can be configured between the end of the current sync cycle and the beginning of the next cycle is one minute.

Configuration in Riva

To configure Riva to use the Salesforce calendar event and contact change notifications:

  1. In Riva 2.4.52 or higher, start the Riva Manager application.

  2. In the right pane, select the sync policy and choose Disable.

  3. Double-click the sync policy to edit it.

  4. On the menu bar, select Advanced Options. In the right pane, select Universal Change Detection.

  5. In the Universal Change Detection (UCD) window that appears, select Enable CRM UCD and configure the Schedule. Under Modules, select Event and/or Contact. For guidance on the Advanced Settingscontact the Riva Success Team. Select OK.

  6. Double-click the Salesforce connection to edit it.

  7. In the CRM Connection Edit window that appears, on the menu bar, select Change Notification.

    Result: The right pane displays the Notification Type.

Notification Type

  1. In the Notification Type field, select Push.

  2. At the bottom of the window, select Save to save the Salesforce connection.

  3. In the Riva Manager application, in the right pane, right-click the sync policy and select Enable.

    Results for every sync cycle from now on:

  • The sync process detects the notifications that Salesforce "pushes" (sends) in real-time when a change is made in the module or modules that you selected when configuring the sync policy, above step 5.

  • For the selected modules, Riva does not need to poll Salesforce for changes. Riva syncs the items that it has received notifications for, which expedites the sync for those modules.

  • For the other modules that are configured for syncing, Riva polls Salesforce for changes and syncs the changed items that the poll discovers.

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