Sync Multiple Recipient Email From Exchange To GoldMine

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The following advanced options enable Riva to sync an email with multiple recipients from Exchange or Gmail to GoldMine.

If you are using SmartConvert to sync email, only this key is required:

Sync.Ex.Email.ExpandEmails.Enabled.Email = True

If you are syncing emails automatically from the Inbox and/or Sent Items email folders, use one or both of the following:

Sync.Ex.Email.ExpandEmails.Enabled.Inbox = True

Sync.Ex.Email.ExpandEmails.Enabled.Sentitem = True

For instructions, see Set custom options for CRM or email connection.

After applying one or more of those advanced options, compose and send your email as usual. Here is an example of multiple recipients.


After the email has been synced to GoldMine, you can see that a copy has been added to the history of each recipient.




Applies to

  • Riva 2.4.39+ for Exchange, Gmail, and GoldMine

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