GoldMine Advanced Option to Adjust Record Count For Query Results

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For GoldMine, Riva by default returns 100 items per request when Riva performs a query to GoldMine for data. For example: If Riva has to initialize a new target user, it must query GoldMine for all of the contacts for the organization and GoldMine will return those results in batches of 100 contacts per request. This value is suitable for most environments and should not be changed unless Riva reports query timeout errors. Contact Riva support for guidance if required.

Apply the App.Setting

Riva offers an advanced option that can be used to adjust the number of records per query request. This advanced option can be applied against the sync policy or the GoldMine connection.

To Manage - Add this app.setting option and set the value to a suitable number. 

GoldMine.Query.MaxRecordCound = "100" (Default value.)

The higher the number, the fewer queries are generated and processed for large queries. The smaller the number, the more queries are generated but the query results are produced more quickly. The default is set to "100" records per query.

For instructions on applying this advanced option, see Set custom options for CRM ... connection or sync policy.

Applies to

  • Riva On-Premise for Exchange for GoldMine
  • Riva release 2.4.27+

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