GoldMine and GroupWise: App.Setting to Disable SmartConvert Account Matching

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The customer reported an issue with SmartConvert involving Riva for GroupWise and GoldMine. If the user:

  • archived an email to "Create New Email" and Riva could not match an attendee to a GoldMine contact, Riva would create a primary contact record that only contained the email domain name and an additional contact for the email addressee.
  • archived an email to "Create New Email" and Riva can match an attendee to a GoldMine contact, Riva archives the email as expected linking it to the matched contact.

When Riva cannot match an email addressee or meeting attendee to a CRM contact, Riva will create an "account" object in the CRM using the email addressee domain name as the account name, and create a contact record and link it to the newly created account.  This error occurs because GoldMine does not have "organization" or "account" objects and Riva for GroupWise objects. The default Riva logic will create a primary contact with the Company field set to the email domain name, and an additional contact is created with the contact email address.


Riva 2.4.34+ now offers an App.Setting that can be used to disable the matching of contacts to a CRM Account (Org) record.  When Riva creates a new contact record as part of the SmartConvert email archiving process, Riva will just create a primary contact for the unmatched email addressee or meeting attendee.

Apply the App.Setting

To Manage - Create or modify the app.setting file "Omni.Riva.CrmAgent.exe.config" to include the following key and value:

Crm.SkipOrganizationMatchingByDomain = true

Once the .config file is saved, the Riva sync service needs to be stopped and started.


The Crm.SkipOrganizationMatchingByDomain custom option can be applied against any CRM that Riva is syncing to; it is not limited to this scenario.

Applies to

  • Riva 2.4.34+
  • Riva On Premise

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