Advanced Options to Sync Attachments to GoldMine

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  • Starting with release, Riva syncs attachments with GoldMine by default. For Riva releases to exclusively, you need to apply the GoldMine.SyncAttachment.Enabled advanced option for Riva to sync attachments with GoldMine.
  • Applying the GoldMine.AttachDir.UseMonthName custom option sets the folder names to the months' names instead of numbers.


Please follow the instructions with care. The feature has been tested and successful with standard out-of-the-box GoldMine and Exchange. If your GoldMine deployment has customizations or the database is not standard, features and capabilities may differ.


Minimum requirements

  • GoldMine version 2014.1.0.468 or higher. Other GoldMine versions may be supported, but the Riva version is a must at a minimum.
  • Riva release
  • Starting with Riva release, this option is applied to Riva by default, and the additional key is not required.

How attachment sync works

  • Inline and regular attachments can sync.
  • Email syncs as a Completed Email that is visible from the Calendar view.
  • Embedded attachments may have their file names changed when synced. For example, an image named elmo.jpg syncs as image001.jpg
  • Attachments are synced to GoldMine based on the Attachments directory configured for the particular user's E-Mail Options, set in the Retrieval tab. If these options change after a user has synced with Riva, the Riva Service needs to be restarted for the E-Mail Option changes to take effect.
  • We recommend selecting the Organize attachments in a folder by receiving the user option to easily identify which user synced each attachment.

To find the "Organize attachments in a folder by receiving the user" option:

  • Navigate to Tools, then to Options, then to E-Mail, and finally to Retrieval.


Sync Attachments with GoldMine

Starting with Riva release, this option is applied to Riva by default, and the following procedure is not required.

To sync attachments for Riva releases to exclusively:

  1. Set the following custom option for ... the sync policy:

    GoldMine.SyncAttachment.Enabled = True

  2. Restart the service.

Set the Folder Names to the Months' Names

You can also organize attachments by received month. By default, GoldMine and Riva use “11” for November, “12” for December, etc., but you can set the folder name to be a month's name instead of a number.

To set folder names to the months' names:

These advanced options are effective only going forward and do not rename any attachment folder that previously existed.


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