Syncing Attachments to Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

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Applies to Riva On-Premise or higher for all supported email systems for the latest versions of Infor CRM and Saleslogix CRM 7.5 and higher.



How the Attachment Sync Works

When an item from any email system module has an attachment and is tracked to Infor CRM, the attachment is tracked too, and is related to the item.

This is a uni-directional sync from the email system to Infor CRM.

Riva cannot remove the attachment from Infor CRM, because Infor CRM saves it in two places:

  • as a local copy in a folder specified by the Infor CRM database and
  • as an associated database entry.

The Infor CRM sync service synchronizes the attachment across the Infor CRM clients. If Riva is configured to communicate with an Infor CRM client, the Infor CRM sync service syncs the attachment to the server and from there to the other clients. If the Infor CRM server does not have that sync engine, the attachment entry still appears in the Infor CRM UI, but selecting or trying to edit the attachment file on a device other than the one it was uploaded to results in a "Could not find" error.

How to Enable the Attachment Sync

To enable Riva to perform the attachment sync:

  1. In the Riva Manager application, on the menu bar, select Policies. Double-click the policy to edit it.

  2. Select the Advanced Options tab.

  3. Ensure that the Disable Attachment Synchronization check box is cleared (= not selected, which is the default setting).

  4. At the bottom of the Edit CRM Synchronization window, select Save.

How to Fix a Folder-Finding Error

If the default functionality cannot find the folder that Infor CRM uses to store the attachments, the correct location can be recorded in Riva.

To record the correct location of the folder used by Infor CRM to store attachments:

  • Apply the following advanced option to the CRM connection:

    Crm.Slx.AttachmentDirectoryOverride = [folder]

    Example: Crm.Slx.AttachmentDirectoryOverride = C:\documents

    Riva no longer refers to the folder specified in the database entry on the Infor CRM server.

    If the folder specified in the advanced option is invalid, the attachment sync fails.




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